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MBC 2018/19 Public Performances to be announced soon!


MBC performs many public and private events throughout the season. 2018/19 Holiday, Mid-Winter and Spring public concerts will be confirmed and added to our website soon.


Crowdfunding - Help the MBC!

We need your help!

Part of the Metropolitan Boys Choir mission is to offer the MBC experience to as many boys as possible from all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds

It is important to note that no boy is ever turned away from participating due to financial issues. 

This means we sometimes have to provide financial assistance for some boys to participate. At present, approximately 50% of our boys receive tuition assistance. The amount of assistance ranges from reduced tuition to full scholarship. 

In the past few years, our ability to fund this crucial program has been a strain on the financial health of the organization - including emergency funding by our unpaid Director, Bea Hasselmann. This cannot continue and the MBC Board of Directors has determined a crowdfunding campaign is critical to ensure this year's Tuition Assistance Program has the necessary funds to fulfill our mission. 

We need your help - in any way you can:


1. Make a financial donation via our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

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2. If you cannot contribute, we still need your help. Please share this link:



via email or social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) with your friends and family - include a personal plea to help the Metropolitan Boys Choir.

3. If you'd prefer to send a check, here's our mailing address:

P.O Box 19348
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Thank you for your help! We can't do this without it!