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MBC 2018/19 Public Performances to be announced soon!


MBC performs many public and private events throughout the season. 2018/19 Holiday, Mid-Winter and Spring public concerts will be confirmed and added to our website soon.


Director's Corner


Dear Friends of the MBC,

In 1971 the Metropolitan Boys Choir was formed with the mission:

To provide a unique program of musical excellence and personal growth for Twin Cities area boys of varied social, cultural, and economic backgrounds; to develop responsibility and leadership; and to empower these young men to become positive influences in their communities.

Many things have changed in our society over the years but the power of music remains the same as it has for centuries.  Music itself is a discipline which allows our young men to develop focus, relate to people of all ages, become responsible for themselves and their accomplishments and, also of great importance, to have a safe place to ‘feel’ and express their emotions.

In our 47 years, no boy has ever been turned away for financial reasons and no one in the choir is aware of who is or is not receiving financial assistance.  The social and economic diversity of our boys makes for a wonderfully interesting group.  Boys of different backgrounds and experiences come together through their love of music to celebrate the talents that they have in common.

Our passion and dedication to providing this experience is as strong as ever, and our boys and their music are as great as ever.   However, we need your help in keeping our mission alive.  We depend on contributions large and small to fund our program in many ways.  I would gladly talk with you if you have a certain area of which you would like to fund.

Alumni share wonderful memories of their years in the choir.   They claim to have acquired a job and/or being promoted in their company as a result of learning to look people in the eye and present themselves when they were young boys in the choir.  A few have claimed that they would be in prison like their brothers if it weren’t for the choir.  This is what the power of music is all about…being an extension and support of the boys’ family values in preparing them to become amazing young men.

We are grateful for the past financial support that we have received and depend on your support to continue our mission.  We ask that you be willing to contribute to the present needs of our organization. Our families are grateful for the opportunity for their sons to have the Metropolitan Boys Choir experience.

We look forward to an exciting new season.  Please come and see/hear your contributions in action.


Bea Hasselmann, Music Director