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MBC 2018/19 Public Performances to be announced soon!


MBC performs many public and private events throughout the season. 2018/19 Holiday, Mid-Winter and Spring public concerts will be confirmed and added to our website soon.


Watch the MBC featured at Super Bowl XXVI


Minnesota's Young Ambassadors of Song Our Mission...

...to provide a unique program of musical excellence and personal growth for Twin Cities area boys of varied social, cultural and economic backgrounds.
...to develop responsibility and leadership and to empower these young men to become positive influences in their communities.


Denny Schulstad

Air Force Brigadier General, retired:


“The Metropolitan Boys Choir is an outstanding musical organization, but they are about much more than music. 


I have often asked them to perform for various military ceremonies and they always agree and are the stars of the show.  However, the work Bea does goes far beyond teaching them to sing. 


These young men learn self confidence, attention to detail, pride, etiquette and teamwork.  They will benefit from the lessons they learn long after they have "graduated" from the Boys Choir. 


I'm always amazed and impressed by their professional performances, but also by their enthusiasm and joy.  Yes they sing, but they also are becoming the future leaders of our community. 


Everyone should have the opportunity to study under the guidance of Bea Hasselmann.  I'm proud to support this very worthwhile organization and encourage everyone to do what they can to assist this superb group of young men.” 


Here's a story from one of our MBC alumni, actor John Pancho Demmings

Please call 612-827-6501 or email metroboyschoir@gmail.com for more information, to set up an audition time or arrange to visit a rehearsal.


To learn more about the Metropolitan Men's Choir, please visit  www.metropolitanmenschoir.org.