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MBC 2018/19 Public Performances to be announced soon!


MBC performs many public and private events throughout the season. 2018/19 Holiday, Mid-Winter and Spring public concerts will be confirmed and added to our website soon.




“Being in the Metropolitan Boys Choir isn't just about singing…..


It is more than that.  It’s about becoming a man.  The choir was an instrumental part of my growth and entrance into manhood.  I learned discipline, responsibility, self-confidence and grace. These things have stayed with me (even the songs) over the last 29 years, and I consider them profoundly important assets working for me in my life.  The choir is still – perhaps more than ever – about transforming boys into young men.  What’s an experience like that worth?  To me, its priceless. In my time, and in all the years since, many young men have been able to benefit and grow through the choir because of the generous donations of people like you.  The choir needs your help; not just to keep going, but to reach more boys, reach new levels of excellence and produce more fine young men, ready for the world that awaits them.”

Michael Graves MBC Alumnus 1976-1980

Father of

Jackson Graves  MBC Alumnus 2002-2006


There are many events and opportunities that shape our children throughout their childhoods and form their values and morals….


One of the best experiences of our son’s childhood was being a part of the Metropolitan Boys Choir. The hard work and discipline that is required to make such a wonderful organization, instilled in our son a great sense of responsibility and work ethic in and out of school. In the six years that he was a member of The Metropolitan Boys Choir he had some of the most extraordinary experiences of his life. From traveling the world to performing at Orchestra  Hall  to mention just a few.  I feel blessed that he was able to be part of something this meaningful and I'm sure he will carry all of the valuable lessons he learned with him throughout his life. “ 


Genii Lehmann  MBC Choir mother,

 Jake Lehmann  2001 - 2007


"My years with the Metropolitan Boys Choir were very important to me.  It gave me the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds, opened my eyes to the larger world through travel and music, and let me develop a sense of independence and success in a safe environment."


Paul Thissen  MBC Alumnus 1978 - 1980
Minnesota State Representative and

2010 Gubernatorial Candidate


“Our son, Tristan, was just starting to explore an interest in music when he joined the MBC last spring -- now he is constantly singing around the house, is taking piano lessons, starting to dabble into "song writing" and looks forward to choir every week. I just had Parent Teacher Conferences and Tristan's music teacher was thrilled with how much Tristan's voice has developed over the past 6 months.  She told me, "who knew he had this great voice?!"  We both talked about what the MBC has done for him. We can't thank you enough for the impact you've already had on our son...we are so grateful for what you offer to him and the other boys.”


In gratitude,

Amy & Kenneth Saldanha  

MBC Choir Parents


“I was ten years old when my music teacher asked two of us to stay behind after class to invite us to join the Metropolitan Boys' Choir.  Since that time the Boy's Choir has had a strong influence on my life, from singing for Hubert H. Humphrey to performing at my wedding 15 years ago.  Through the Metropolitan Boys' Choir I learned lessons about responsibility and committment which not only serve me in my career as an attorney but as a father and a community member. 


Now, as President of the MBC Board of Directors, I reach out to you, my fellow alumni, to help support the Choir for the benefit of future ambassadors of song.  A small donation can help sustain an organization that has, and will continue to, have a positive influence on

so many.”


 Scott Carlson, MBC Alumnus 1974-1977
 Attorney, Duckson-Carlson Chartered


“Through the eyes of parents...the Metropolitan Boys Choir has helped our two boys develop focus and concentration, self-esteem and pride. 


Through the eyes of our boys...it offers an opportunity to learn great songs, develop new friendships and have fun. With structure and guidance, the boys learn so much more than music.  They learn to find their inner person as well as their inner voices.  With hands-on leadership and group experience, our boys are learning that the influence of power is not as important as the power of influence.  These are skills that they use to help them make good choices now and develop a positive future.”


 Mike and Kim Long

parents of Sam and Nick – MBC alumni